2D Drawings include: Several Floorplans, an Elevation of each wall including the Island. Countertop drawing so you can shop for Granite.

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     Parts Lists!

Our Parts list contains every object in the Project. Cabinets, Moldings, Appliances, Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures. Your vendors can calculate square footage of flooring and walls treatments for accurate quotes.

Contact Cabinet Dealers!

All the Cabinet Dealers Selling the Cabinet Line you chose for the project. Along with a map and contact information. See the page What You Receive for more info.

Design It, Then Shop It!

For years when Paul manufactured his own cabinets, customers shared how frustrating it was to get competitive quotes for a Kitchen or Bath. This is largely due to Cabinet Dealers, building or dealing different types of cabinets. Also because each Kitchen or Bath designer offers a totally different layout. Another frustration was the amount of time spent waiting for tradesmen to come to their homes. Many tradesmen do not show up at all!   


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Below are a few customer drawings.

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