Firepit with Furnishings

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.

It really helps when you can share the drawings with the other tradesmen involved in your project.

Outdoor Kitchens, are becoming an important addition to the backyard! People are finding, that there is something special about cooking and hanging out together in the backyard. Families and friends can be more of themselves, and have a lot more fun outside than in the house.

There does not seem to be, large companies mass producing Outdoor Kitchens. It seems likely, if you look around online, you may find small businesses in your local area, offering this service to you. These Artisans, may build what you want, but Will they build what you need? The types and colors of stone, countertops, or brand of appliances, are the last things of importance in your design. The most important things, are how well grounded are the electrical and water systems, for safety sake. Does the Artisan know exactly where the Outdoor Kitchen should be placed, so the plumbing drains properly. Does the Artisan know, where appliances should be placed for best function, and again safety. Most people I have met, that build Outdoor Kitchens, realize it must be built of non-combustible materials. There are many other considerations depending what is included in the design, and where it is built, such as on an open patio or a covered porch etc.

I have been designing Outdoor Kitchens for 20 years, even though they have been most popular, in the past few years. If you are thinking of having an Outdoor Kitchen built, Hire Paul to start you off with what you need.

As with all Paul’s designs, you pay a Low Flat Fee for Good Sound Advice. This is a small investment to make, on a project that must withstand the elements for many years, be an asset to your home, and be safe for children to be around.

Please visit the Gallery page, to review some Outdoor Kitchens that Paul has drawn. If you have any questions, please either call 1-904-729-7521, or fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page. As with all Paul’s Designs, your order is good for one year. There are no charges for changes, generally. If you desire more than the Outdoor Kitchen Designed for example: Porches, Patio’s or Swimming Pools added, we can discuss help you with that too.

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