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You and Paul, Highly Experienced in Interior Design, can ACHIEVE A PERFECT, KITCHEN DESIGN, by using product lines sold by cabinet dealers near you . Eliminate having several designers come to your home, giving you different designs with no way to compare cabinet prices.



Many, cabinet dealers may not have the time to change your room design.
Your design may also be in some dealers best interest.
We want to make those changes! Until you clearly say;
That is the room I want!  3 EASY STEPS:  Click Here to Get Started.

Paul’s 2020 Design Software, used for Kitchen Design, is recognized by almost all, Cabinet Dealers.

When your Kitchen Remodeling Design is complete, you can send the cabinet list and layout to multiple local Cabinet Dealers for Apples to Apples pricing. Almost all Cabinet Dealers utilize 2020 Design, which is the software we use to design your cabinetry. Paul supplies you with a list of the local, Cabinet Dealers, selling the line of cabinets you chose, along with their locations and contact information. Or, you can shop in person with the actual printed drawings. Pauls drawings are comprehensive in detail and done expediently. When you sign up and pay the low fee, you become a client for a full year on that design.


This is the Top View of a, Kitchen Remodeling. Cabinets are made by We relocated a door from the bottom right of the picture to left of the Wall Oven Cabinet. Having moved the door, provided additional work space and storage. We relocated the Refrigerator from the top center of the picture, where the chair is, and built it in there on the right. This gave us room to put a raised counter on the back of the Island. We added a Wall Oven cabinet for an additional oven and more storage space. Since we had more storage space in the working area of the kitchen we decided to put a storage/office area together at the top center of the picture.


This is a Perspective View of the same . The doors are a Shaker Style, made in Cherry Wood and Chocolate Glaze finish. There are Granite Counter-tops with a Large Roman O gee edge. This kitchen has about 50% more Counter and Cabinet space as it did before its remodel, it also has many new accessories such as 2- Trash Can Pull Outs, one for the kitchen and one for the desk area. There are 2 file drawers on the desk cabinet, as well as a pencil drawer. Above that is a letter organizer and a plate rack. The thin cabinet 3″ wide, right of the Microwave, is a Pullout Spice Rack. The base cabinet below the Microwave has a Pull-Out Pots and Pans rack which holds a lot! Right of the stove is a 6″ wide Spice Rack and a 9″ wide Pull-Out Tray Rack. In the right top corner is an Appliance Garage to hide 4-6 counter-top appliances. See the page, WHAT YOU RECEIVE for more details.

Renewed Kitchen, means we are not adding or taking away walls or moving and adding plumbing and electric services. Many Kitchen and Bath designs that we create, are based on the existing location of walls, doors, windows, water and power supplies and other objects. Interior Design, in older homes, is more demanding of creativity, because the existing walls were not designed for modular cabinetry and today’s appliances.

So, let’s design your kitchen or bath, to be all it can be! Using just the right materials and ideas, this is going to be: One beautiful upgrade to your home!
In the Kitchen Gallery, there are 4 drawings in a row of the same kitchen. They are there to show you how dramatically different a kitchen can be just using different materials and colors!!

If you would like your kitchen to be larger and have the layout needed for proper appliance, lighting and plumbing locations with enough space to be an Eat-In-Kitchen, with safe cooking spaces, then you may have the opportunity to create: THAT SHOWROOM LOOK.

For a larger kitchen, you may be able to combine rooms, or you may choose to add on to the house. To be sure, you should have a licensed contractor come out to help you assess the best way to go. From a contractor or architect’s preliminary layout, we can start your new kitchen or bath design. Hire Paul to help with your Interior design, He will save you lots of money!

See how on the page “How It Works

PLAN Your Project!

Paul’s Design Package Provides You With:

  1. Comprehensive design of your project created with 20/20 Design Software (recognized by most dealers). You will end up with exactly what you want, without the pressure and confusion of dealing with sales people representing their interests, not yours.
  2. Seven or more PDF pages in full color. Perspective View, Top View, Front Views and Parts List.
  3. Separate drawing for Shopping Counter tops.
  4. Construction Notes for Electricians and Plumbers.
  5.  MapQuest for location of Dealers selling the line of cabinets YOU choose for the design.
  6. Unbiased Consumer Report for Everything Needed in your Project.
  7.  SEE the page WHAT YOU RECEIVE

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