How It Works

Online Kitchen Design

The, Online Kitchen Design, Service is a FLAT FEE program. Our program slider7is more than just cabinet design. You get the whole room designed. This is like peaking into the future. If you don’t like how it looks or flows, let’s change it! The room can be, a Kitchen Remodeling, a Bath Remodeling, a Home Office, a Bar, an Outdoor Kitchen, or any other type room you need designed. You can be sure it is going to work correctly. For example: If you don’t like the wall color, or the type of Flooring, Cabinet Finish, Door-style, or even Countertop Type and Finish, we can easily change all that. You get this service for up to a full year, on each room design.

Online Kitchen Design, Flat Fee pricing, is very affordable!

With your completed design package, you are empowered to visit the tradesmen in your area in person, or send your job file to them via e-mail. You can expect quicker quotes, purchasing, delivery and installation. The vendors will appreciate your doing business this way, because most of them have the 2020 Design software, which we use, to create your design.

When you place a design order in our ONLINE STORE, we receive an email alerting us of your order. Next, we contact you via email, and welcome you to Paul’s Design Service. In the email you will find your Username and Password which you need to log-in. Once you are logged in, you will automatically be in the “My Account” page, where everything is done. Think of this page as our Workshop. We meet here to chat with each other about everything. You will also see your drawings here which you can comment on, or print from your printer at anytime. You can email the drawings to anyone for a quote on materials.  You can upload anything you want us to see, or you can send pictures to our email account

Here are the 3 EASY STEPS

A. Measure Your Room, and type the measurements on our Form in the Workroom. We have a short video near the Measurements Form,  demonstrating how easily you can do this. 

B. Take a Snapshot of each wall With any Smartphone, you can take the pictures and send them to, or you can upload it to the Workroom form.

C. Fill out the Room Information Form. With one or two pages of details answered, we will be able to design your Room with everything in it!


We request from you, a picture of each wall so we have more information for best results. It’s easy to miss a vent here, or an outlet there. With pictures we catch that.s obtain that catalog.

On  the “Materials” page from the Top Menu Bar, are links to many Vendors websites displaying Colors and Textures for Stone and Granite, Flooring Products, Appliances, Lighting, Plumbing Products and more. We are Authorized Dealers for Richelieu Hardware. They sell practically anything you need for the interior of a home or business. The company is over 100 years old and has nothing but the best products.

Please visit the page titled, What You Receive, to see what information you will receive in our basic design package.

Feel free to review the forms below, so you can get an idea as to what information we need in order to design your room.
Room Measurements Form
Wall Photos Form
Kitchen or Bath Cabinet Information Form
Appliance, Lighting, Plumbing and Flooring Information Form

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