We are dedicated to accurate and on time drawings, as well as other important information. Our service is here to help you be sure that every detail has been addressed. If you are looking for a designer, we can help save you time and money. If you have a designer, we can help free them up from the drawing process, so they can spend more time with the customers. Tradesmen involved in home improvements, such as Architects, Interior Designer’s, Builder’s, Cabinet Dealer’s, Counter-top Installers, Flooring Specialists, and Remodeling Specialists are some of the businesses we have served.

Advantages of hiring Paul’s Design Service are: We are specialists in interior design. We have many years of experience, in many aspects of Cabinetry and Remodeling of a home or business.


We design using CAD software called 2020-Design. Most of the trades mentioned earlier, are represented by catalogs written, by 2020 Technologies, for Manufacturers of Home Improvement Products. There are virtually thousands of catalogs, according to 2020-Design.

If your company, is a provider of Home Improvement products for interior spaces, you need a way to paint a picture of what you are offering to your customer. If you provide this to your client, they will know right away, if this is what they want. If it is not quite right at first, no problems, we can make the necessary changes quickly. If you do not need some of the drawings in our basic package, we can create a design package that will work best for you. By default, we provide in any room design, such as a kitchen or bath, cabinetry drawn in the cabinet line you choose to use for your project. The same goes for the Flooring, Wall colors and textures, and Wall tiles, Counter-tops of all types, many Appliance brands, Plumbing fixtures and Lighting. Our drawings, are life-like representations of the real objects.

Client and Business Information Must Be Kept Confidential and Safe, at all times. You do not need to provide us with any confidential information, such as names, addresses, or slider13pricing. We only need a job number, which is provided to you in the email you receive, confirming you have purchased one of our design services. We will need the room measurements, a picture of each wall, and the color and texture choices pertaining to the products. All that information is handled by a simple 3 Step Process in the “Workroom” of this website. If you would like us to measure the job, we have a separate fee for that. We can design the space, or we can work from blueprints. The safe place we refer to, is software we use in the cloud. A common ground where we can all meet. You can go there, and see job progress at any time. Your client can go there at any time, with your permission. Other trades can go there, to provide us with information.

If our program makes sense to you, please visit our Gallery page to see drawings we have provided to some of our clients. Next, you could visit the page, What You Receive where you will see examples of drawings and other information that we provide to you, in our basic package. If you wish to contact us, Contact Us . You can also call us at 1-904-425-1718.

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