What You Receive

                          Designed in the Cabinet Line of your choice!

  • The first drawing, below, is the Perspective of your room. It is wonderful, to see how your color schemes are looking together!

  • The second drawing, is a Top View of your room. This shows the entire room. This view is helpful to the installer, plumber and other trades. The view helps one get a feeling for the flow of the design. You can see how wide your walking spaces are, or that the table you want may be too big.

  • The next drawing is the Floorplan. It is like the Top View except it is in 2D. The Floorplan, is helpful as an overview. It is helpful when using the Frontal Elevations.

  • The next several drawings are your Frontal Elevations. There is one for each wall of cabinets, and generally one for each side of an Island. Elevations are very helpful to many trades for several reasons. Such as calculating square footage for pricing and ordering materials, and installing cabinets.

  • The next drawing is the Cabinet Legend. This is important information needed for ordering the cabinetry, as well as for the installer to check that all the cabinets are on site.

  • The next drawing is the Countertop Drawing. This is useful for going to different countertop companies for apples to apples price quotes. This is also needed by the cabinet installer.

  • The next few pages are the Parts List’s. These are useful to the cabinet dealer for pricing and ordering, for taking delivery of the cabinet order, and for the installer to check what parts he can expect for the installation.

  • Finally, the Vendor Map is handy, to locate cabinet dealers in your area, so you can go visit to get comparable pricing and see the materials.

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