Candlelight Cabinetry w/Inset Doors

This kitchen had a door to the backyard in the right corner. There was nothing there except a bench and coat hooks. The doorway was relocated to an addition on the house. We closed the doorway and improved the amount of storage and functionality of that whole area. The refrigerator was on the left wall next to a few cabinets, so we brought it in closer for a proper work triangle. The corner now made use of 3 large storage cabinets with Lazy Susan’s, a Cutlery Drawer, and a Coffee Area left of the Refrigerator. We were able to put the Microwave and Dishwasher in that area too. Now that the Refrigerator was not on the left wall, we designed a display storage and desk combination. The Island only had a small electric range and a cabinet to the left of it. We upgraded the Island with a gas stove, cabinets both sides, and a raised counter to serve food.

This is a good example of a Remodeled Kitchen opposed to a Renewed Kitchen. This is a remodeled kitchen meaning a doorway was relocated, plumbing was added, electric outlets were added gas service was added as well as better lighting.
A Renewed Kitchen would be upgrading the cabinets and counters, but not changing the power services or structural features of the room.

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