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This is the Catholic Church in a Copper Product Making Community, located in West Mexico. Most of the  people living there, make all their Copper Products by hand. And have handed their skills down generation after generation. Tradition is key for these proud people. There is no large factory. The Copper Artists work from shops in their homes, and sell there work to a distributor there in Mexico. On the menu below, are many categories of beautiful Copper Products made in Mexico by these Artisans. Each piece is made by one Artist. Large items such as Tubs are made by several Artisans as a team. Each order is considered a piece of Artwork.

The welding technique used on the sinks, is the strongest out there, and is done exactly as it has been done for 500+ years.
Most of the Copper Sink Products, take 2-3 weeks to be shipped to your home. Packing and Shipping are included in our prices!
Whether you are a Home Owner or a Home Builder, you will be impressed by the quality craftsmanship of these Copper Products.

Copper Product Categories

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Copper Farm Sinks


Copper Vessel Sinks

Copper Sinks from Lily 06-25-2016

Copper Range Hoods


Copper Pots and Jars

Copper Bathroom Oval Sinks

oval bathroom sink-leaves design

Copper Bathroom Round Sinks

Round Bathroom Sink-Copper-Aztec Design

Copper Kitchen Drop-In Sinks


Copper Bar Sinks


Entire Set of Richelieu Catalogs

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