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“Combine Bed with Bath” By The Square Foot


Design Fee $2.99 Per Square Foot.

Our Category Combined Bedroom with Bath Remodel, is the Design Product you want to purchase when changing the location of Walls, Doors, Windows, Plumbing or Electrical Services. Generally,  Combining Rooms is done for an existing home.  The traditional Bedroom with a Master Bath is a candidate for this new openness with  more psychological space. The picture herein, is a good example of a Combined Bedroom with Bath Remodel. Imagine how closed in this room would seem to be, if the transparent wall and enclosures were not used.

Our Category Combined Bedroom with Bath Remodel, will allow you to make changes until you are confident with your working space and pathways. You will be able to see the best locations for added or moved Doors, Windows, Plumbing etc.  Our 3D Photorealistic Drawings, can display the actual Granite slab you found at the Granite Company for example. The actual list of Cabinetry you want to purchase is in our Design Package, as well as the actual Flooring Products. In a nut shell, you will have a solid plan for just the right look, without trial and error. Visit our page What You Receive to see our Comprehensive Design Package.

You will Save Time and Money. Visit our page “How It Works” to learn how!

Please Enter the Square Footage of the Area, in Your Room, That You Would Like a Design For in the Box Below. Then press the “Add To Cart” button.

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