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To begin, please fill out the forms below. Try to complete each one as much as possible, because once you close the form, that information is gone. At the bottom of each form is a “Submit Form” button. When each form is submitted, it is sent to us. We then put it into the appropriate folder, in your Dropbox account. We share the Dropbox account with you. You will receive an email from Dropbox, letting you know we have shared a folder with you. When you open that email, Dropbox puts their Icon on your desktop. Anytime you wish to see the progress of our work, or ask for a change in the design, or just to leave some information with us, you may do so by clicking the Dropbox Icon. You may share the folder with anyone else you wish to. For example: the Granite Company, the Flooring Company, the Cabinet Company, etc. Just click on Share, then enter the email address of whom you wish to share your folder with.

Feel free to send, to our Support Email, links to anything you would like us to see, for your room design. For example: A Cabinet Layout from a magazine, or a photo of a Texture you like, for: Wood Flooring, Ceramic Tile, Marble or Granite. You can email photos directly from your phone, to:  Please put your Job# in the Subject line!

Step 1:    Room Measurements Form

Step 2:   1 Photo of each Wall, and 1 Photo of entire Room

Step 3:   Kitchen or Bath Cabinet Information Form

Step 3b  Room Information Form for: Appliances, Countertops, Floors and Walls 


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To obtain pricing and availability, please Email the quantity and product number of the merchandise, that you would like a price quote for, to:   

Please call us, for any assistance you may need, @ 904-729-7521


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